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When the Science IS the Fiction - GeekBits Podcast Episode 5

The 5th episode of The GeekBits Podcast is here! This time it’s time to talk about all the bad movie and TV show science (and even the ones that got it right!).

Bad Movie and TV Show Science

It doesn’t really matter what your favorite science fiction movie or TV series is. It’s guaranteed that it full of mistakes, errors, omissions, or just flat out fantasy that is called science. But there are also lots of examples of movies or TV shows that got it right!

We break down several episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation. Including Mike’s favorite episode to hate on. The 5th season episode called “The Next Phase” is absolute hogwash! The writers didn’t even try to get this one right. Garbage science all around.

David like’s to talk about the bad movie and TV show science of a few of his favorites too. David brings up War Games and Stargate as a few that both got it wrong and right!

Craig really went down a dark path tearing up Back to the Future that surprised us all. Hold on to your seat for that ride! Why did the car have to go 88mph anyway? And beyond the science, why would Biff who tried to rape his mom be allowed anywhere near their home in the future? The butler? That’s messed up!

But it’s not just about bad movie and TV show science. Some shows get a lot of things right. The Expanse seems to go out of its way to attempt good science. Their idea of how gravity would work in space for example is a great idea. The actual scenes of space battles and debris in a pressurized ship are outstanding.

Have a listen and give us some comments on your favorite bad movie and TV show science scene! We know you have one too!