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How's Your Brain? - Geekbits Podcast Episode 3

In the first official Geekbits Podcast now that we’re out of Pilot, we present “How’s Your Brain?”, where we explore what makes you who you are. What is consciousness? What does it mean to be alive? Are you even you?

No. Seriously. How’s your brain?

We often think of who we are as a soul. We somehow separate the mind from the brain. But is that really the case? It’s proven that damage to our brain changes who we are. Those who have been unfortunate enough to suffer traumatic brain injuries and strokes for example seem to prove that the brain is actually who we are, or at least we are the sum what is stored on it.

In this “How’s your Brain” podcast we go on a journey of discovery about what it means to be alive. What is consciousness anyway? We explore several thought experiments that really may you think about the nature of your brain and who consciousness is.

What if we copy your brain? Is it just like a file on a computer?

What if we slowly replace your brain one cell or neuron at a time? This is similar to the thought experiment The Ship of Theseus where a ship is replaced board by board over 50 years. Is it really still the same ship? Only now it’s a human brain!

We dive into cloning and memory recordings. We talk about the famous transporter mishaps and learn that mike is adamant that matter transporters are nothing but evil death machine!

Of course we throw in lots of science fiction references such as Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG, and Rick and Morty!