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The Economics of the Future - GeekBits Podcast Episode 8

The 8th episode of The GeekBits Podcast is here! In this episode we theorize what the economics of the future might look like. What will automation do? AI and machine learning? Will we have jobs?

The Economics of the Future

How exactly will the economics of the future work? Robotics automation and computers are eliminating jobs every day! AI and machine learning are threatening to eliminate even more jobs. Will there be any jobs in the future for any of us to work? Do we even need jobs? Should we work towards a Star Trek economy where we all pursue careers that are meant to better ourselves rather than increase our fiscal net worth?

What if the government winds up in control of everything? Does communism or some kind of socialist platform ultimately replace capitalism?

No matter what your political beliefs are the economics of the future must look very different than they are today! Otherwise we wind up having to legislate jobs to give people a means to survive. And that’s a terrible idea. The evolution of the human race needs to be one that lessons the burden, not maintains it for tradition.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:23 – Welcome
00:00:52 – Craig kicks us off
00:02:24 – Robot workers and butlers
00:04:35 – Replicators could be coming sooner than later
00:05:58 – Robots flip the burgers, computer checkouts, automated pizza machine
00:10:00 – What do we do when there are no jobs?
00:12:30 – Not everyone is capable of doing complex jobs
00:13:28 – Decimating the auto industry
00:14:53 – No jobs in 100 years or less?
00:18:18 – Technology people know less today
00:22:40 – Is tech still a good career choice?
00:29:11 – The economics aspect
00:33:34 – What happens when we live much longer?
00:39:05 – What do we do for meaning without jobs?
00:42:50 – Dystopian future?
00:46:57 – Should we merge with computers?
00:48:05 – We could just legislate jobs…
00:51:08 – Most of society is not participating in our advancement
00:54:30 – Is a job required for meaning in life?
00:58:16 – The economics in Star Trek
01:05:10 – The last man on earth’s economy
01:07:45 – What if life was just a game?
01:09:04 – Religion and Meditation
01:13:43 – The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
01:16:36 – The Mouse Experiment and Sharon Stone
01:18:29 – Thanks for Watching

Follow along in this podcast as we dive in to these fascinating future economy topics!