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Has the Internet made us Dumb? - GeekBits Podcast Episode 11

We thought the internet would unlock the potential of humanity by making information quickly and freely available to everyone. But that hasn’t really been the case. With the world of disinformation at our fingertips has the Internet had the opposite effect? Has it made us dumb?

Has the internet made the world Dumb?

It seems as though the great information age isn’t as great as we all dreamed it would be. Political, religious, and commercial organizations have weaponized the internet with massive disinformation campaigns designed to push agendas and drive consumer spending.

Wasn’t the internet supposed to make us all smart and put the sum of humanity’s knowledge at our fingertips? How did we wind up here? Has the internet actually made the world dumb?

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:25 – PCBWAY!!!!
00:00:46 – Welcome
00:02:50 – Information used to be hard to find
00:06:14 – Contradictory Information and Authority
00:12:27 – Chemtrails and Conspiracies
00:22:12 – Disinformation and Identity
00:26:19 – Political memes, Weaponizing the internet
00:36:37 – The Dumb get Dumber, the Smart get Smarter, Authority
00:47:30 – More about Authority over Information
00:56:45 – Attention Span Problems and Social Media
01:06:09 – Conclusions and Wrap up