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Are the Borg, Terminators, Cylons, Cybermen, Daleks, etc really evil? - GeekBits Podcast Episode 10

Are species/entities like the Star Trek’s Borg, Landru, Terminators, Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons, The Matrix AI, Doctor Who’s Cybermen and Daleks, etc actually evil? Have you considered things from their perspective?

Are the Borg, The Terminators, Cylons, Cybermen, etc Really Evil?

Many people immediately assume the the “villains” in Sci-Fi TV shows and movies are evil. Really bad guys. But are they evil? Have we ever considered how things seem from their perspective?

And for that matter, how do we even define evil? What determines whether something is good or evil. Your cat for example kills and in many cases tortures other creatures for fun! Is your cat evil?

So let’s break down some of these Sci-Fi villains and talk about what things might be like to them. Maybe they believe what they are doing are a gift to us. Maybe they believe they are helping us along and making our lives better. Or maybe, they just want to see us burn!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:22 – Welcome
00:00:52 – Craig’s new addition
00:01:48 – Can we define evil?
00:07:27 – The Terminators
00:16:16 – The Cylons
00:20:00 – The Borg
00:37:31 – Cybermen and Daleks
00:43:33 – The Matrix AI
00:51:47 – Taking score. Are they evil?
01:03:30 – Wrapping up!